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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Up Close and Personal :: 2 Dates With The Naked Guy

So, ok two dates to tell you about. Two nights. Same guy: The Naked Guy.
If you missed it: part one of the story here.
So….. date #1…Tuesday
Funny things happen with me ALWAYS, so u guys are probably going to get a good chuckle outta this one. lol
So, it's Tuesday night, we meet for supper, and he's actually pretty normal. He's good looking, tall, health conscious, funny, sarcastic, good conversation, plus he's a internet-dating-virgin so that's cute too! He has two sisters who he clearly loves very much; one who he lives with, so i think that's a good sign. He's a few years younger than me… not sure that'll be an issue, but i'm not basing everything on that at the moment.
So, we laughed the whole supper. There's was barely an awkward moment. I think if was the first "first date" that i didn't have a alcoholic drink with the meal! Good girl Roxy!
So from the restaurant we went to the movies next door. We were early, so we played some arcade games to pass the time. I won at street racing (he didn't know my skills! loll), and then we were in some strange jeep killing giant spiders and bugs together. Some weird games out there today!
Then we saw Shutter Island. WOW great movie. He bought us popcorn and coke :) He knows me well already. It was fun. No awkward moves, no silent moments. Pretty good for a first date i would say!
Then…. we left the movie theater and he realized that he had lost his keys. I totally thought he was kidding because we'd been joking around all night. Come to think of it, that's all we do. But when he sprinted to the door to see if his car was still in the parking lot, i knew he was telling the truth. Luckily he lived only 10 mins away, so his sister came to bail him out with his spare set of keys. Poor guy, i think he was a little embarrassed. We found out the next day that he had left them at the restaurant. Thank god for nice ppl who return your keys instead of stealing your car!!
So… date #2….Wednesday
So, the next day, Wednesday, I felt good about date #1, and we were still texting funny messages to each other. For other completely different reasons, i was having a really sad day, and when my plans fell though for the evening, he invited me over to watch hockey: HABS game4! Wasn't sure if it was too soon or not to go to his place, but i liked his company, so i decided to go.
Now the rest of this might make me sound really mean, but i'm just being honest. And let's pray he never reads this!! HAHAHA
So i get there. Nice house, nice neighborhood. Walk in. And right away i knew that this was his parents home. He said he lived with his sister, but didn't mention that it was the house that they grew up in. The plastic couches in the overly decorated living room gave it away ;)
He lives on the top floor of this town house, great space, despite the childhood teddy bears on the shelves. I felt like i was 16 all over again. The old-style furniture from the 80s, the mess, the dirty carpet… it was all very reminiscent of all my high school boyfriends...
Anyway, i was judging, but i was still open to this working out because i had a great evening the night before. So, we watched hockey, ordered food, went for a drive in his “super bass” Jeep to pick up his keys from the restaurant ;)
Then, he kissed me.
Not even a butterfly.
It was awkward to say the least.
I don't know if it was the vision of the teddy bears on the shelves in the distance, or the fact that he used his teeth a lot while kissing (weird!), or the decor constantly reminding me that he's younger than i am, or him being really insistent at trying to take my pants off (and me having to act like i was 15 and push him off me!) , but either way, I was no longer interested.
I know a lot of people might think i'm being harsh, and to give the guy another chance, but honestly, if u don't feel the sparks (despite me feeling lots towards his god-like arms) then there's no point in dragging things on any further. I don't know what inspired the sudden “turnoff” but it was very certain in my mind that i don't want to see him again.

Now i just have to figure out how to tell him….. THIS is the worst part about dating! Any suggestions?! Help!

Oh and as promised here's the big reveal :: This was his Zoosk picture that started up our whole conversation. He really does have a great body, i'll give him that!!


  1. Rockin' RedheadApril 22, 2010 at 12:12 PM

    I would ask him to be my personal door opener wherever I go, but he has to be shirtless. He has to be good for something :-D

  2. Keep him as your sex toy - seems like those sessions could be a real workout. Roleplay - one rule - no kissing. :) jk Seriously..I'd give him a chance - the guy was probably terrified about the *first kiss* anyway and it may not have been his real self you were kissin'. I think you should give him another chance.

    This actually reminds me of an awful first (and only) date I had in high school. I ended up asking this guy out on a date (I liked his jacket - that meant date-worthy back in those days) - we were supposed to double date with his best friend and my best friend but my friend backed out at the last minute. Nice. So we went out anyway and his friend still came along!!! So there I was, with these two guys, on an awkward date. We went to see a movie. A french movie. We took the bus home (too young for cars) and they both walked me to my door... His friend stayed further back, my date kissed me...it was all very very awkward. I told him I didn't want to see him again the next day. Yaaaaa.

    See - It could be worse - give Naked Guy a chance. Second kiss under more relaxed circumstances could be sparky! :)

  3. hmmm ya, tx Val, but i think i'm over this one. I wasn't too impressed that i had to push him off me. And that his kissing turned me off THAT much! lol I definitely gave him a few tries but NO sparks at all.
    Sooo, i say NEXT! ;)

  4. BTW, love ur double date story! You naughty girl:: two boys at once! ;) hehe

  5. Oh well, what can you do... Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Next! :)