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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Date Alert!

Ok, so get ready for it again! I have a date with a random on Thursday this week. Don't worry friends, nowhere sketchy i promise. We're meeting at a well known resto/bar that will have the Habs game playing. I made reservations in the bar (aren't i a great date?! lol).
GOOD thing= there will be something entertaining to watch if the conversation doesn't flow... BAD thing = i'm pretty much stuck there until the end of the game (±3hrs) if the conversation SUCKS!
Oh well, i guess i'll see... So, do you want to stats of this one? Well, for one, he's not extroverted like The Naked Guy (which is  a good thing). I met him on Zoosk... He says he's rarely goes on dates (good thing i think!). He is 34! Big change for me, since the guys i seem to meet are always closer to the 24 range!!  He seems really down to earth, enjoys playing sports, we like to do same kind of activities (walking, learning to cook, etc) + he goes to crazy parties just like moi ;) So, he could be a match, but let's not get ahead of ourselves! We will know alot more Thursday evening. I'll tweet u on how good or bad things are going ;) hehe follow my tweets here

wish me luck chicas -- any advice for this one? ;)


  1. Kiss him on the first date to see if the sparks are there. Why waste time on a second date only to be disappointed. LOL :))

  2. great advice Val -- there were lots of sparks!! so now i can't wait til date #2