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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Frenchie

So.... exciting news :: update on last night's date = it was amazing! Maybe the bouncer has FINALLY let me into the ‘normal’ pool of guys (long story that I’ll explain this weekend! Lol). The date was so good in fact, that I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep for hours because I was really excited.
And yes, maybe I am jumping the gun here, but I think a little bit of happiness is good for the soul ;) Even if it doesn’t work out in the end. Right girls?! 
So, let me tell you everything! First of all, I had a crisis at 5pm, when the restaurant/bar I had made reservations with 2 days prior, called me to CANCEL my reservation! Or actually, to tell me that they simply don’t make bar reservations on nights when there are hockey games!! There had been a mistake made when I had called on Tuesday. I was beyond furious! How dare they call me 2 hours before game time! Making reservations anywhere else in the city would have been impossible at that time!

So, I text my date and explain the situation. Totally in distress. And surprisingly, he said: ‘No problem, i’ll go to the bar an hour early to get us seats’ !!! Wow, I was super impressed! The date hadn't even begun and he was in my good books!

So, 2 hrs later, I get to the bar, and he’s even more good looking in person than in his pictures on the internet. BTW we met over Zoosk — he is the last one I've decided to talk to, because so many of the Zoosk guys are after one thing... and I am getting annoyed! All the things I had sensed about him from our emails were accurate: he’s laidback, funny, chill, speaks English amazingly well considering he’s French, and he was honest about his profile. Plus in person, our conversation flowed so easily, that I can hardly remember what we talked about for 4 hours. And even though the big hockey game was on the big screen, I hardly watched. Which is pretty shocking for me! He was just really interesting to talk to.

I even told him about my blog, and surprisingly he thought it was great! He wanted to know what I was going to write about him, which of course I didn’t tell..... and he’s probably dying to know today! Hahaha At least, for him, he was the one who decided on his nickname : The Frenchie. Which I think it really appropriate, because while leaving the bar he kissed me and man he is a gooood kisser! Not like Mr. Teeth Kisser from a few weeks ago! Ewweeie lol
So, on my drive home, I was already being a typical girl and hoping he was going to call me in the next few days to make plans. But, I didn't have to think about it long, because he texted me last night to say he had a great time and hopes to see me again soon! YAY!
I'm not sure what the plan is for date #2, but I’m really looking fwd!! Stay tuned and have a great day chicas! xo AND GO HABS GO!!!!!

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