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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bday weekend!

I don't really know where to start with this recap of the crazy bday weekend i had. Everything that COULD have been disastrous ended working out fine, and all in all, i had a great night/weekend!

Originally, this post was going to carry the main message: that i REALLY am not drinking anymore. But looking at my literary for NEXT weekend … that message would end up being a lie. HAHA Next weekend i'm visiting a good friend in Toronto, and she's organized a special wine touring day, that evidently, includes ALOT of wine!! But i figure, it's not binge drinking, so i should be fine. ;) Let's see if my liver feels differently.

So getting back to this past weekend.
Friday was an awesome supper with my closest friends. Reservations were a disaster with Vauvert. I will never book there again. Loved the restaurant the last time i went, but the way they handled my reservation this time was really disappointing.

What happened was: Thursday night, i had to find another restaurant within 24hrs on GrandPrix weekend for 15 people, because Vauvert were suddenly insisting on charging 75$ per person for a special Porsche evening! ( i'd had reservations for over 2 weeks and this was never mentioned previously to me) AGH! Impossible to find somewhere new! Restos in the West Island were laughing at me over the phone! Thank god for having great connections, otherwise everything would have been cancelled! A good colleague/friend of mine helped me out during my hour of crisis, and got me reservations in the Old Port at a resto called GRANGE. If you're ever looking for a place with great drinks, great food and amazing service, on the cusp of the Old Port (McGill), you should go to this place. Freakin awesome! I give it rave reviews! and i think my friends would agree. thanks Ari for hooking it up -- it was an awesome birthday present!

The night was perfect. All my friends made it, even my BFF who had heart surgery last tuesday was there! What a trooper! I am so happy to simply see her smile again :) My sister made it on crutches. My brother who's usually MIA made a huge effort to come as well: out of his normal routine of downtown college bars ;) Even my suburban friends found a babysitter for the night -- sweet !

So, then there was family day on Saturday i won't bore everyone with those details. But we did watch the World Cup England game, that was slightly disappointing with Green's performance (click to see) I can't bear to watch it again.. My heart goes out to the guy… really embarrassing. I don't care if his girlfriend broke up with him right before; there's no excuse for letting that goal in!

So, Saturday night, the party was on again. This time, at a friends place who just moved to the downtown core. Literally on the corner of Sherbrooke and St.-Laurent. It was insane with the Grand Prix parties everywhere. We cabbed it there and back, with my sister on crutches and the city in gridlock. It was fun! You should SEE the place this girl has -- i'm jealous E!  By the time the night ended, i had to crash on my sisters couch...

The whole next day was horrible with hangover sickness…
I'm 29 now… my body has spoken. It hates alcohol… 
...and unfortunately, it's now making me listen to it's nonsense. A few glass of wine with dinner (or at a wine tasting!), but no more than that… I've turned over a new leaf. The damage it does to my body and feeling of the day after just isn't worth it anymore :( Sorry peeps; there's many of you who love 'drunk Roxy' , but this is definitely the end of an era.


  1. You are too funny!!!!!!!!!!!! Some say if it doesn't hurt, it just isn't worth it!

  2. Hope your liver will recuperate in time for next weekend. :)