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Friday, June 11, 2010

I can cry if i want to.

So peeps, yes it's true. Today is my birthday. Same day as the premiere of World Cup 2010. Same weekend as Grand Prix Montreal. But, really. We can all agree that my birthday is the most important out of the bunch. ;)
28 has been a rocky year of mixed emotions (actually, what year hasn't?!), but a truly awesome one. I have reasons to celebrate, reasons to be thankful, reasons to smile, reasons to hug my friends and kiss my godson, reasons to laugh, and reasons to cry.

Tonight, i am celebrating my 29th birthday with my closest friends and my siblings. A year ahead full of hope, health, happiness and love. At least that's what i'm wishing for.

And tonight, we'd better have fun! The planning for this night was a nightmare. I thought i was going to have to cancel, but then, by a strange miracle it got saved by a close colleague of mine. It's weird how things work out sometimes... It just goes to show, that we all just have to stay positive and good things will come!
So, on that note.
Let the good times begin bitches!! xoxo
P.S. no worries, i do indeed have a designated driver to drag me back home when i'm drunk off my ass ;) 

Health, love and happiness. 

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  1. Have a great night roxy! Wish I was invited! Sheesh!