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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So things are quits w/ me and The Frenchie. Communication is a huge issue for me, and now i know it is for him too. Him and I seem to have floated through the past few weeks without really talking about what we wanted and how we felt about anything... I guess i thought it was too soon to have a serious talk, but now i'm thinking that maybe, if it's the right person, it's never too soon ...

We finally had that talk this weekend.
He simply stated that he doesn't have butterflies.
"Hmmmm.... so, did you discover that before or after we slept together for the like tenth time?" Which was only 30 mins ago by the way. Jerk.
But, hey it's ok. Moving on. More fish in the sea, right? (i know, i hate that expression too...)
Anyway, I'm not sure how many butterflies I even had. I won't deny that I had a few floating around (aka the Wow post!), but i had my doubts that HE was "the one". He did make a great effort though, and did a good job of wooing me. Not many guys do that, so i don't believe that he meant me any harm. We're both just trying to find love in this crazy city! We both deserve butterflies! So many in fact, that you can't see straight!!

I don't know what you think, but I think i'm gonna take a break from this dating scene for a while! Concentrate on being an amazing friend and auntie to all my friends and their kids! They're the ones who deserve all my love anyway xo
P.S. my bday in 11 days and counting ;) kisses!


  1. Roxy this SAME EXACT thing just happened to me in February. I guess it's true what they say, as soon as the milk stops being free they stop drinking it!

    Over and out,


  2. Oh Roxy. That sucks a lot. :( What type of guys are you interested in? You like Greeks?

    Whatever you do, don't give up on finding your man in this crazy city. As soon as I decided to give up looking for it, I met and started dating my now hubs!

    Good Luck!

  3. thanks girls, well maybe i should give up since "you always find HIM when ur not looking" right? lol

    This Friday, my friend is hosting a girls night: SATC marathon, drinks and bitching! So, no worries ladies, i'll be feeling better in no time ;) hehe