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Monday, May 24, 2010

Sitting on a Park Bench...

Psst this is date #4! If you need to catch up on this dating saga The Frenchie: read here for date #3, #2 and our first date.

So, date 4... It was a great evening — he did everything right, including sending me home @ the end of the night ;)  He's making me feel like a boy-crazy teenage girl!

He cooked me supper, and it was good! He doesn't cook often, so i really appreciated the effort. Boys, take note! =We loooove the effort! It was very cute.

Then, we walked through this gorgeous park in the Plateau to an ice cream shop for desert ♥ totally cute.
We ate ice cream on a little park bench and all i wanted to do was kiss him. So i did ;)

Then we went back to his place; listened to music all night long... until we decided that i had to go home... 
I think this mix of hot tattoos, cute smile, nice eyes and showing me new music, is the new way to my heart. He makes me happy, crazy and nervous all @ once! I cant wait to see him again!

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