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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dirty Dirty Boyz

My friend sent me a hilarious dating story that happened to her this past weekend. No names will be named; let's call her Ms.OCD ;) Take it away chica!
“I've been seeing this guy for about a week, we'd had 3 dates to be exact (and if you know me you know that this would be considered a long term relationship for me). Anyway the fourth date was going to be a movie night at his place (which in other words alcohol and then sex at his place). Knowing how guys are, I had been having a bit of anxiety all day about the potential state of his apartment (but figured he'd probably do his best to tidy up). I realized the place probably wouldn't meet my standards as I'm a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning, but nothing could have prepared me for this....

Upon arriving, I find myself walking into the most rundown/ghetto looking building in NDG. Ok really, it's where rats and cockroaches go to die! But I tried to be optimistic. His place was tidy (I guess) but probably because he barely had any furniture in it. The kitchen was kinda gross and when I asked for a glass of water he pretty much grabbed any cup, rinsed it with water and as he handed it to me (and I'm sure I had a look of horror on my face at this point) but I took it trying not to be rude.

As we sat down to watch the movie on his turquoise pleather couch (ew) I had the choice between the the torn up coussin or the mud stained one (from his dog), lucky me. I'm telling you I really like(d) this guy, otherwise Id have bolted for the door after the water thing. But again, I tried to remain optimistic. He had lit candles and I could tell he had tried to make an effort, and afterall we all know the typical bachelor specimen is usually not the tidiest of creatures. Well, all this was up until the 3 beers I drank forced me to check out his bathroom!

I can't even describe how dirty this room was. There was a candle lit, lol, but there was also dirt on the floor, around the sink (like when I say dirt I mean the grimey, black, moldy stuff). His towel hanging on the back of the door looked liked it was about 15 years old and never washed. And then, curious me, I decide to look in his shower (even though the curtain is pulled) only to find, to my horror, blackness on the tub floor. Dirt, grime, mold, mildew, mud? you name it. I was horrified. I STILL at this point stayed, because I truly did like the guy, but I knew I would have to say something. So I brought it up. I asked him how he could live like that? I even offered to help him find a maid! I was appalled by his response that he just couldnt be bothered to clean the bathroom. Then he says to me, “my curtain was drawn anyways, how did you see the bathtub?”. I replied dude, “I needed to know just exactly I was getting myself into!

So that's it, the final nail in the coffin! I'm still having nightmares about his bathroom. But I also feel somewhat disrespected, how could he think that a girl, ANY GIRL, would be ok with that?! ”
 image curtosy of www.uglyhousephotos.com

And all i can is: Ms.OCD, you better not be seeing him again! LOL But seriously, thanks for sharing. It sucks to hear what you went through, but at least it helps us all know that we're not the ONLY ones searching for a man and finding dirty dirty boyz ;) xo

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