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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Recap: Girls Weekend in TO!

Here's the recap of my awesome girls' weekend!! I visited my friend Val in Mississauga for girls talk, wine drinking, gossiping, shopping and tanning :)

Only hard thing about the weekend was all the driving... I'm recovering from the 5.5hr drive x 2 in 48hrs. That's alot for one single girl!  But Rihanna, Hedley and many other randoms kept me in good company during the drive! ;)

• Arriving Friday late at night (after watching the disappointing England World Cup game... no comment)
• Saturday was wine day -- i discovered a whole world of wine in Niagra on the Lake (beautiful area!). Bought 2 bottles of wines that i loved (ok so, i will just drink these bottles and THEN be off the booze for good like i promised! HAHA

• My friend and I had an awesome organic lunch at a restaurant in a vineyard with a gorgeous view of the valley. I need to send my sister there! She'd love it!

• We ordered Szechuan delivery for supper, and rented When in Rome on Rogers demand (cute!). Perfect lazy end to a busy day!
• Sunday we got up and shop shop shopped til we dropped! Or, actually until my credit card couldn't take any more!! HAHA So many nice new things -- including gorgeous shoes! ... i just couldn't resist. Damn i'm bad. Oh well, happy belated birthday to me!! lol
• Sunday yummy lunch and afternoon spent by Val's pool. Soooo relaxing in the sun. So much in fact that i didn't realize the time go by, and had to rush around when i realized it was already 4:45! I left at 5:15 for my long drive back home solo...
• P.S. Thank god for RedBull when ur tired driving at night!
• P.P.S. McDs isn't a good idea to eat twice in one weekend...

Home sweet home! thanks for the weekend Val! Always so much fun! xo

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  1. I'm glad you had a good time!!! It was awesome, as usual :)