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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Keep The Faith!

So, just when you think that available guys are IMPOSSIBLE to find: listen to this story!

My coworker was running errands, rushing around preparing for her vacation, and as she left a store in downtown MTL, she caught this guy's eye as they walked by each other... They both did a double-take and then a triple-take. She smiled and kept walking.

Suddenly, he came running down the street after her to see if she was interested in going for coffee or drinks!

She was shocked, but said yes to a drink because he was just so hot! So, they ended up spending 2 hours talking, laughing, and getting to know each other! Finally, she had to leave to continue her errands that she was totally off-schedule for! lol Sometimes you just have to give up all your tedious plans for a hot date with a stranger!

She thought that she might never hear from him again, but i'm happy to report that he texted her the following day!
Who knows how the story will continue... But, just remember, when you think that you can't find love... or at least a hot guy to go on a date with ... just think of this story! Sometimes these things STILL DO happen out of the blue! This is something i need to remind myself of everyday! hehe

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