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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I ♥ Blush

One of my loves in the fashion industry is lingerie ♥
As you already know, it just so happens that one of my great childhood friends became an amazingly talented lingerie designer (for Blush Lingerie). I support her at fashion shows, and am so proud when i see Rihanna wearing her designs!!! But this year, for my bday, I was extra surprised when she gave me lingerie that was named after “moi”!

How hot is that?! Everyone who's anyone has lingerie designed for them! xo thx S  

Blush's FALL collection is to absolutely DIE for, especially this season's popular corset that she made Vampire fans even go gaga for ;) 

BLUSH just created their facebook page: you guys should check it out. There are tons of links to other blogs and sites who've commented on her outstanding work! I'm super proud of my chica and will always be wearing her sexy designs!

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