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Monday, November 1, 2010

FORMSPRING: Are you usually the chaser or the chasee?

Formspring Question: Are you usually the chaser or the chasee? I know sometimes people switch from back and forth to keep it balanced, but thinking back to your experiences with past potential guys, which side do you lean more towards?

I think in every relationship or dating situation, being the “chaser” and the “chasee” gets switched back and forth… it all depends on how much you like the person!! With people i feel a true connection with in the beginning, i'll definitely be more of a “chaser” to get things going between us!! hehe

Once the relationship has settled, i think that role switches back and forth. Often depending on events, situations and my moods! lol OMG i am completely ruled by my moods and emotions! It's sometimes a disaster! In my head, i feel like a raging maniac when it's that PMS-time of the month! I try to keep the madness inside so that people don't have to deal with crazy-emotional-me! During that time i become the “chaser”, but once i'm rational again i try to switch back to the “chasee”. Or at least i try… Us girls are complicated!

What about you? Do any of you choices stay one or the other?

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