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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat

So we all know that Halloween is all about candies when you're a kid, and about sex when you're a big kid ;) hehe
It's every shy girl's excuse to get sexed up and totally rock an outfit she would never normally wear.
For me, this year, just like last year ( do u remember that fun?! Tiger Woods anyone!!! Lol) I will be a sexy vampire ;) I spent so much $$ on the costume last year, that I have to at least get 2 wears out of it! Plus, it is uber hot. Only down side is that I will be at a 1 year old's birthday/Halloween party this year... So it might be a little TOO sexy... Oh well, I'll rock it anyway. Here's a preview:

I tried to convince the BF to be Stefan from Vampire Diaries, but he didn't like that idea... oh well I can pretend!! Haha

Happy Halloween my sexy readers! If u have pics of your sexy Halloween costumes, please share!! I would love to see!

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