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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hanging out with your Ex lately?

Formspring Question: How do u feel about people still hanging out with their exes to the point where the current person in the relationship is bothered by it? ask your question here

Thanks for asking that question! It's a big issue that couples do encounter all the time. I have some personal history regarding this type of issue, so if i allowed myself i would have soooo much to say.
However, there is one simple answer for you: If the friendship with an ex is bothering the current relationship (aka causing conflict between you and your boyfriend), and you CARE about your boyfriend and want it to work out, just STOP seeing your ex!

Plain and simple. Your partner should be your #1 priority. Not the ex who either broke your heart or that you dumped! Let him go, and try not to accumulate ANOTHER ex in the process!! hehe

If you care about the person your with, the decision should be simple. As an “ex” myself, i would understand! Wouldn't you?

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