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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shop Til We Drop

I'm in Mississauga this weekend, visiting my friend Val. The 6 hour drive wasn't so bad yesterday. Lots of sun, salt on the roads, and 16 lanes of traffic through Toronto rush hour!!

But I made it and the girls weekend began!

Lots if girl talk, catching up, gossiping, pizza and wine! A great way to start a weekend!

24hrs later, we're now lying on the living room couches with our feet up; exhausted! We went shopping for 5 hours today at Square One Mall, and we shopped til we dropped!!

I spent way more than I should have, but it was so much fun! Especially at Victoria's Secret! Their Semi-Annual Sale always gets my heart pumping ;)

I'm already on my way home already tmrw. These weekends are always short and sweet. I will enjoy tonight and tmrw, then it's back to reality and to my beau, who I miss like crazy xx

Enjoy your weekends peeps, I know I am! xo
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