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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Online Stalker Re-Emerges

O M G guess who i get an email from last night?! Diego: My online stalker!! It's been 6 months since he last wrote me, and he's still trying to get in touch w me, WTF?! Get a life buddy, I'M NOT INTERESTED! Who knew a 10 minute conversation would last THIS long?!

Just to share some giggles, the email went a little like this:
“happy new year.. I was going through my inbox and saw this ... whats new? how you been?”
So... he was going through his inbox? Realized i had never written him back because of his crazy behavior and decided to try again, because it's the New Year?! Well, why not? Sounds like a logical idea to me. lol

Beware of online dating people : there are crazies out there!


  1. quick question lady.... did you tell him with clear words that you are not interrested?? you know, something like: hey buddy, i'm not interrested, so please, stop that!!? ;-D

  2. LOL yes i did in the beginning, but he kept continuing to bother me, so i deleted him from my account, but he found me on hotmail/msn! Now i just prefer to ignore him so that i don't instigate any more of his behaviour! Not sure it's working though! I thought it had... but 6 months later... :S

  3. Does he wash wnidows? :)