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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So I Have An Online Stalker...

Ok so you would think that you've “made it” in the blogger world when you have a stalker right? Wrong. I have an online stalker, and this is not glamorous at all. Actually he doesn't even deserve all the “press” i'm giving him. I just figured i'd share since many of my friends are worried. lol

So he's this guy who i started chatting with on Zoosk (in the short time i was on that site). I literally chatted with him for like 10 mins. Totally nothing. Generic conversation. Nothing of great importance. My #1 mistake, i added him as my Facebook friend. (mental note = don't do this!)  I wanted to check out HIS profile. Guy's profiles give you soooo much information, and it's a quick way to see if you're even remotely interested. This guy was a quick one, i wasn't interested. He was the “super proud french Italian from Laval type”. Sorry to be stereotypical, but honestly it was a bit ridiculous. Even in his pictures, there was bling, hair gel and car shots. No Thanks was my initial reaction. And honestly, my intuition about him was dead on.

So, like i said, we chatted for 10 minutes. That was that. But he wouldn't let go. He wrote me email messages for days. I didn't see them until 5 days later , when i got around to checking my messages.
5 messages from Diego (fake name don't worry).
The first one was nice: “ I had a super nice convo with you on msn the other day, hope to talk to you soon”.
Later that same day: “Can't wait to talk to you again”.
Ok, that's still nice...
Second day “ When are you coming on MSN? It's the same time as we chatted yesterday and i'm waiting for you. I'll hang out all night if i have to
Third day: “ ...you never came online yesterday. I don't understand. What did i do? Are you not interested? You changed your status on facebook , so i know you're online.
Fourth day. Message from Diego: “ stop avoiding me.”
Reading all these messages, i was not going to respond... All i thought was “freak”.
Then i went on Facebook. He had written comments on my photos, on my status updates, on everything he could possibly get his hands on. And then there were the Facebook messages:

hey bella.... I was thinking, how about we exchange numbers so atleast we can get some txting going on.. some communication would be ideal.. here is my cell....

aiight this sucks.. guess I lost ur interest sorry I was excited in getting to know you.. you could of just told me u werent that interested.. I would of understood.. well good luck to you sweet you seem like an amazing girl..

I felt bad at this point, so i wrote back just saying that i had alot going on right now (which was the truth) and was MIA. I wasn't going to be on MSN for a while, and either way , i didn't think i even owed him an explanation. We didn't know each other and i wasn't interested in starting anything up with him.

Then i got non stop emails:

“I'm in idiot lol. Cause I saw ur profile in the recent activities side think u had time to go and write something on ur profile so I was like fine. Don't reply to my message but go on zoosk. So I wrote ur a message.. So after sending it I see ur on recent activity cause someone sent u a gift. I'm an idiot sorry. I was like how do u retract a message on facebook.”

“Wow what a great first impression I'm making...my bad, and I'm sorry about that. can we just forget that stupid message I sent you and act like it never happened, I would really appreciate that.”

“I should of checked carefully.. I'm a type of person that isn't afraid of letting people know how I feel cause I like to talk about it...communication is important. Just want to say sorry once again and I hope u still want to get to know me.”

I REMOVED HIM as a friend because the emails just didn't stop. This was all the same day. Then the messages kept coming...

“hey hows it going?

“look I saw a beautiful girl I got excited about and really wanted to get the ball rolling and I messed up.. can I have another chance in getting to know you please?

I know he SOUNDS nice, but just the tone of these emails and their frequency are really bothersome. So i blocked him on Facebook. But then just the other day i got this email in my Hotmail account. He must have jotted down all my info before i removed him! Freaky!
The latest one says: “hey how you been.. you look stunning in that pic.. so whats new?”
AS IF i'm going to answer him!!!! He's acting like an online stalker, but thank god he doesn't know my address! You got to be so careful what you put on the internet! & Diego if you're also stalking my blog, read this and GO AWAY!! I'm NOT interested!!

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  1. Omg...talk about desperate. I wonder if he does this to other girls... Sigh - why can't they take a hint?! Jeez. I feel bad that you have to go through this. :(