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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Chicas!

Happy Valentine's Day to my chicas! All of you: married, finacéed, coupled up, divorced, single and yes, chicas in those complicated situations too!
Photo from Wildfox. 
Valentine's COULD be an unbearable “holiday” to us single girls, but you can choose to make it great. I think if you're surrounded by great friends, family and cute kids (ahem. my godson), then your Valentine's Day can be complete! For me, I am thankful for my BFF who's having me over for a romantic supper “à trois” tonight — me, her and hubby!! xx

Ok... i know you're saying “cut the bullshit Roxy” -- we're all wishing for a Secret Admirer, or roses at the office, or Prince Charming to show up at our door, but what I say is : “Get real!” Why would it happen today of all days? Guys HATE Valetine's Day with a passion, so unless he's forced to, he won't devote his love to you today!
Plain and simple. No expectations = no disappointments = have a great day regardless of “him”! Celebrate ALL the loves in your life! 
++If you want a good story and laugh today: read my last year's Valentine Disaster!
Kiss a stranger, spread the love ;)

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