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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'm so lucky to have my FRIENDS.

I don't know about you, but my favorite show growing up was FRIENDS. That's all we'd ever gossip about in the high school hallways. Ok, well FRIENDS and boys!!

But, today watching a random re-run of Friends made me appreciate the show with a whole new light. Because, now, I AM those girls. I'm their ages! I feel a whole new connection to Rachel, who is trying to find herself in her career, who is always recovering from a break-up, and who counts on her friends every step of the way!

Today's episode was all about their 30 birthdays! It just so happens that 2011 for me and my friends is the year of our dirty thirties! lol

The episode was hilarious! I can sooo relate! ...We've all got drunk at inappropriate moments. (haven't we?!) We've all realized that dating younger men doesn't get you what you want! We've all got a list of things "to do before we turn 30". We've all supported friends and consoled them on THEIR 30th birthdays! We all freak out. We analyze too much and we think of everything we thought we should have at this point in our lives... And we all plan everything out just like Rachel does! You have to watch that episode to understand ;)

But all in all, shows like FRIENDS, like Sex And The City, they make us soon-to-be thirty-something girls feel less alone. Thank god for them AND for our OWN amazing friends!

Roxy xo
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