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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

10 ways to feel positive when the man you love walks away...

  1. Spring is around the corner (even though you would never think so with all the snow today...)
  2. There is always ONE friend on any given night that needs a drink just as badly as you do
  3. Your heart’s been broken before and you got over it. So, the comfort in knowing that this too shall pass.
  4. Knowing deep down that he will miss you sometimes. Even if it is just for the amazing sex (he is a guy after all).
  5. Thinking of all the next “firsts” that are to come for you... first flirts... first dates... first kisses... first butterflies... first nights ;)
  6. Knowing that you’re one step closer to finding someone who can give you what you want... someone who will want to share their life with you...
  7. Extra reason to look hot when you go out on Saturday nights, or when you go to the grocery store!
  8. Nights at home just means that you’re getting your money’s worth of your mattress you bought 6 months ago and your new flatscreen TV.
  9. Knowing that the guy who will eventually love you is out there feeling miserable without you, and in a terrible relationship right now!
  10. And finally, realizing that your life is already full of love: from friends, family and your godson’s sweet kisses.

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