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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obsessed with Will&Kate

Ok, so i willllll admit it -- i've been following the details of the Royal Wedding for months, and i am slightly obsessed... I think the British part of me takes over my body when a Will&Kate special comes on TV! Now, i can hardly wait: it's tomorrow morning!

Interesting fact about me ; I was born in England, on the exact date that Princess Diana and Charles wed in 1981. My mom got the official commemorative tea cup of the occasion and I cherish it. And by chance, my parents just got back from a trip to England tonight! And my thoughtful mom bought me the official Will&Kate commemorative mug to add to my collection!
So, now i'm set! Alarm is waking me up at 5am to watch the ceremony! Drinks tomorrow night with friends to celebrate the event! So, it's time to us watch The Royal Wedding, and realize that on any day now, there is a possibility of us meeting OUR Prince Charming ;)


  1. Charles and Diana got married in July.

  2. whaa you're right! i just looked it up -- but i'm sure the mug says my birthday date one it -- i'll have to look at it live at my parents and check this out !! ;)