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Friday, April 8, 2011

My Mr.Big

Do you ever sit, and watch Sex and the City, and wonder if your ex could be YOUR Mr.Big?
ssshhhh don't tell anyone, but I do...

I'm sitting here watching the show, and realizing that my ex is soooooo much like Mr.Big (in the early years) and it's scary! ...emotionally unavailable, unwilling to commit... it goes on and on. Every episode i'm like “yes!yes!yes!” to Carrie's Big dilemas.

Honestly, it's the story of alot of the men we date; unavailable in all kinds of ways. Thankfully i don't fall in love with all of them, just the rare few...

We all believe in some kind of happily-ever-after... i just wonder if and when it'll happen.
I'm wondering if years down the line, when i'm with someone new (cross fingers!), and hopefully happy, if my “Mr.Big” will realize that I was the one who got away and want me back...

Big screwed Carrie over and over again... (litterally AND figuratively!!) and it finally only worked out between them, 6 seasons and 2 movies later!!! So, could it be? That this fate is possible for us girls too?

OR will we just meet someone and it'll be great from beginning to ...forever... no games for once?!
I guess only time will tell.

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