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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Summer of fun!

I've alluded to my Summer of Fun in previous blog posts, but here i go officially launching my Summer of Fun 2011!!!
This was all brought on by my 30th birthday that's coming up this June. Wanted to make sure i took advantage of being (still) young, single, living in my cute apartment in the city, with the least responsibilities that i will ever have!
So, here's the list of things i will do during this summer of fun! Feel free to write me if you can think of something else fun that i should add to the list!!
  1. Dive out of a plane on my 30th birthday!! Yes, skydiving. I can't freakin wait!
  2. Party it up for my “dirty thirty” on Grand Prix weekend in Montreal!
  3. Vacation ✔ check check i'm gonnnnne !
  4. Going to the shooting range (with my sister who's the gun expert - not joking!)
  5. Bixi Bike riding in the city
  6. Weekend with the girls to celebrate our 30th birthdays this summer!
  7. Painting and drawing on my balcony/or take a class
  8. Going to watch soccer match: Manchester United vs. Real Madrid in New Jersey (July)!
  9. Book my tickets for the 2012 Summer Olympics (London, England)
  10. Date Date Date. Join Match.com before my 30th birthday, so that i can enter my info as being 29!!
  11. Master the art of making “James' Cheeseburgers”!! (James I might need a few samples to start from!)
  12. Walk everywhere that i can -- up and down the hill i live on... i swear i will do this!
  13. Go to church, even if it is just one Sunday
  14. Weekend away at Val's for a girl's weekend of wine tasting, swimming and shopping!!
  15. Teach my godson to play soccer! (he's 2 and a half)
  16. Try to get MY knees in working condition so that i can play soccer too!! 
  17. To actually finish some of the books i'm reading
  18. To email less and facetime more (this goes with buying my iphone4 in June!)
  19. And finally, to have more amazing nights of drinks and catching up with friends that i don't see enough (aka, this past Friday night at Burgundy Lion - love those peeps!!)

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  1. Yay I made your list!!! You're welcome anytime!! :)