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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter of Fun!

This SUMMER was one of the funnest I've had in a long time, and I think that was mostly due to me setting a few fun activities for myself. Sometimes a season passes us by and we realized what we missed out on.
So now, I'm aiming to have a WINTER OF FUN, despite snowstorms, shoveling, cold & flus and -30 degrees! Ok so... it might not compare to my summer of fun, but I can try!

So here are a few ideas for me to start; lmk if you have any ideas I should add!

1. Attempt skiing ... again (the last time i tried this i ended up with one ski, one pole and in the trees!) 
2. Enjoy more than one hot chocolates with friends
3. Because of Xmas spending; set a budget and stick to it!
4. Go tobogganing
5. Keep my apartment festive during the winter months
6. Try snowshoeing
7. Make snow angels with my godson :)
8. Bake all kinds of goodies!
9. Test drive a new car I'm interested in
10. Have a girls weekend with Val in T.O
11. Enjoy Old Port winter festivities
12. Investigate some neighborhoods I might want to move to this summer!
13. Stay at a cabin on a snowy mountain where I might see dear walking by the window! (hey a girl can dream!) 

I'll keep you posted on my progress!
Roxy xo

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