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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Makes Me Happy

When dates are few and far between, we have to remind ourselves of all the things that make us happy :) Here's my list; with the help of a few friends (Val, Erin, KT, +++):

  • chocolate 
  • wine 
  • good food 
  • shopping with the girls 
  • succeeding at work
  • trying new things 
  • my friends happiness&success 
  • sunshine
  • loud MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC while driving my car
  • getting my hair&nails done
  • a random cute guy smiling at me
  • having a clean car: in and out!
  • paying a big chunk off my Visa!
  • or getting my Visa bill and realizing I spent less than I thought!
  • getting a hug
  • someone telling me they love me
  • weekend at the cottage with great friends 
  • snuggling
  • my godson's smile
  • lacy underthings (especially from Blush!)
  • platform pumps (...drool... you should see the new ones i just bought!!)
  • dreaming...
    So, now you know my secrets,
    but what makes YOU happy?!

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