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Thursday, April 29, 2010

When i'm Drunk....

Going out and celebrating the HABS victory last night (YAAAA BABYYY!!!!!!) reminded me that Roxy + drinking can lead to some bad things. Here's a short list of "Roxy-drinking-risks"...
It's entitled:  When I'm Drunk...
  • My phone should be taken away from me, or at least have a “sober test” programmed in!
  • I LOVE Jack ;) although i do love JD sober too...
  • I like to skip!
  • I call all kinds of random people from my phone book (hence the need for the “sober test”!)
  • I love all my friends so much that i sometimes start to cry
  • I slap people
  • ... just because i think it's hilarious...
  • People usually luuurve “Drunk Roxy(unless i'm slapping THEM!)
  • Now that i'm close to 30: I should not mix, or i WILL be sick.
  • I shake my booty like you've never seen a white girl shake it before!
  • I end up on the floor when I've had one too many (ahem... New Year's 2007)
  • I have almost thrown a 3 year old into a bonfire...
  • I have held a wine glass with my toes and had someone drink from it
  • I have had a light-saber fight (and won)
  • I have dislocated my knee, more than once...
  • I have given many lapdances (to some VERY lucky people!)
  • Many times, I have regretted my actions the next morning
  • I have told my ex-mother-in-law that i was going to have her son's children in 4 years from then! (hence the regretting my actions...)
  • My true feelings usually come out
  • And i always always always feel like crap the next morning

    Moral of the story? I need to stop drinking!


  1. Rockin' RedheadApril 29, 2010 at 12:52 PM

    Which of these things did you do last night?

  2. LOL hmmm let's see ... i skipped , jumped on some tables (that wasn't on the list !), wanted to slap a few Washington fans... but didn't because i had no backup! So, compared to normal, i wasn't so bad last night ;)

  3. No need to stop ... just drink in moderation! What's life without a few fun memories like throwing a year old in a bondfire! LOL!

  4. ok wait up girl...ex mother in law??!! when was this?!

  5. LOL i meant it as my ex's mother. She was like a mother-in-law, but not officially! ;)