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Thursday, June 3, 2010


OK so the last few guys i've dated and/or talked about on my blog have been through Facebook's dating site, called Zoosk. You remember = Guy from the Southshore, The Naked Guy & The Frenchie.
So, i've decided = no more internet dating sites for me at the moment.
I just deleted 267 messages i had in my Zoosk inbox. I can't take it anymore. Naked pictures; "hey baby, you're so beautiful" lingo; names like: MeU69, Fine, Peanut, ALLFORYOU, TurkishParadise, Pley_Boy, BoumBoum.... a wink wink from Mr Bontemps.... then you get the weird pictures of guys w their animals! (HELLO, it's NOT cute, it's scary!)... i could go on and on about the weirdos. I mean look at some of the pics below of what i've encoutered on Zoosk. Oh and don't forget the guy who's harassing me non-stop, and i had to block from both Hotmail and Facebook, because we had a "10 minute chat that obviously changed his life forever"! I tell you... not the brightest people... I'm definitely putting myself in the WRONG pool of men by being on this site. So, as of right now, i no longer have an account.
It's over. If i guy wants to meet me, he'll have to find me at the grocery store. I'm out!


  1. hahaha too funny. poor Rox

  2. First time reader, first time commenter, and it definitely won't be the last lol. "Funny." "Real." "OMGWHY!" are just some of the words I'd use to describe your write-ups, but I've got to say, seems like the guys are taking it easy on you! Almost everything you wrote hit-home. I could write a thousand blogs about all the unstable, nonsensical, unsure women I've dated.. hung out with.. etc. Keep it up.. or just let everything come together on its own.. In any event, smiles and laughs all the way.

  3. This post had me rolling ... well actually the pictures did! Zoosk, definitely not the way to go!

  4. HAHA i'm glad i can make you guys laugh! Blogging is all about sharing... haha
    Thanks for reading and writing!! i love knowing what you guys think!! & god knows i need some advice!

  5. hahaha... those pics can really make a gal like laughing your way out of Zoosk. These are the kind of men who are on for a night. Spare me Roxy, I'm different. Hahaha