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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm The Overthinking Queen!

I could hardly concentrate on blogging the last few days because of the crazy hockey games going on!! Hockey is taking over my life! LOL
So , yes, updates :: date #3 with The Frenchie
Psssst if you haven’t read the first few dates, catch up here.
Not sure what to say about our last date... I was left feeling a bit disappointed, but I think I’m just being a loser. I wasn't disappointed with him: he’s still floating my boat, but more related to my expectations of the evening. I think this is a common thing that most girls go through... And most likely something that guys don’t question at all! Lol I guess, for us girls, we start expecting things to go the way we’ve experienced them in the past, and the moment they don’t, we start questioning everything.

Like for instance; last night. I cooked supper and he liked it (or was polite enough to say he did!), we talked while I cooked, we laughed, we had wine, we ate and laughed at random stupid TV shows, and then by 10 he had to go (he works early). He kissed me at the end of the evening, and he didn’t really linger. 

Maybe I’m just feeling raging teenage-like hormones, but I wanted more than just a kiss... 
and i was left wondering if i had done something to cause him to leave, or if simply he wasn't interested in me anymore. Truth is: most likely he WAS tired, needed to get home and had enough respect to not 'make-out and run'!

I guess with girls, NOTHING can ever be the way we want : if he’s too into us: he’s clingy; if he’s too touchy-feely: he ONLY wants sex; if he’s being respectful: he’s not that into me!

So, here's a NEW dating tip that applies to me and many many women out there :: STOP over-thinking things! It was a good date, I like him, he likes me, and he was a gentleman : point final. We’ll get our groove on some other time! Lol

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