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Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Sexy Book Worm ;)

Ok, so when i was growing up, i was the biggest book worm you could find! I even won awards through the public library for MOST SUMMER READINGS! And the prize was more books! I was so excited!
Then life happens. You grow up. Things get complicated. You fall in love with boys. Then boys break your heart. You Facebook. You tweet. You party. You drink. You fill your life with great girl friends. And then you realize somewhere along the way, that you still love to read...
Now it's summer, and one of my favorite things to do is read a book. Either on my balcony, on a Starbucks terrace (yes, you all know the Monkland one's my favorite!), or at the park. I feel happy being outside and reading. Maybe it goes back to growing up, and reading by my parents pool... either way, it calms me. In this digital world, of blogs (!), Facebook, Twitter, online dating, etc etc. It gives me a second to ground myself, and escape the stress of “life”.

So on this note, today i joined the library. I haven't been a library member since i was a kid. It was actually very exciting. It blew my mind. I walked out of the library with a newly published book (The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell), a trashy magazine, a Yoga DVD and a romantic comedy to watch tonight.... all for free!! I kinda felt like I might set off the alarms as i walked out! I hadn't given them ANY money and i got all this!

So all that to say, checkout my new sidebar tab ====>>
so you can see which book i'm currently reading. And if it interests people, i could even give it my 5-star rating once i've finished it to let you know if it's worth a read!
Either way, i'm trying to find things in my life that relax me and that don't revolve around my computer! Don't get me wrong, I love writing for my blog, but all girls need to find a balance! xo

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