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Monday, July 5, 2010

Girl on Girl

I was inspired to write this, from my new favorite show: Downtown Girls (MTV) Episode 3 baby! Watch it!

I think all girls in the dating scene get so fed up at times that we think maybe we should be giving a chance to our same sex partners : the girls.

Girl on girl is a very peculiar subject. Most know that i have quite vast knowledge of this subject since i have lived with 4 lesbians (2 couples) in a small apartment in the city, 2 yrs ago. One bathroom, one kitchen, 5 girls. You get to know your roomates very well. I love these girls like sisters (well actually one of them is my sister) and still hangout with most of them regularly.

All this to say; i'm very aware of girl on girl relationships.
I've considered dating girls. They have great relationships, they are best friends, they share clothes, accessories and shoes, they even take turns cooking, cleaning and providing for one another. And when they are happy, they are SO in love! However, i should mention that there's also TWICE as much PMSing and emotions involved !! So the drama runs high!

I used to party with these chicas all the time. And some nights we'd hit the gay club scene in Mtl. It was totally fun. No pressure from guys, you can just let lose and be free!

At one point, while we were all living together and i was getting over my heartbreak, i started to think that maybe girls could be an option for me. Why not? If there's chemistry and toys, there's nothing they couldn't give me?! Right?!

Well, as i headed out this one night, with tons of my friends to this hot gay club in the city, this was my train of thought. And as the drinks started flowing, my thoughts were getting fuzzy.  
Then, it happened.
“I was standing by myself, the bass was pounding, i looked up from my drink and the most beautiful girl i had ever seen was in front of me. Long brown hair and deep brown eyes.
She smiled, took my hand, and said: “Would you like to dance?”.
I'd always thought, that since i was so cool with the whole girl on girl world, that i would be totally cool calm and collected in a situation like this. I was wrong.
All I did was stand there, mouth open, eyes wide, not sure what to say.
She understood before I did. She took my other hand and, with a laugh, said: “I'm so sorry... You're straight!” And with one blink she was gone. Before i could even answer. Before i could even say that if i WERE gay that i would totally dance with her. Before i could say that she was beautiful!”

And so since then, i have known that i could not be a lesbian. My friends and sister had laughed at my behavior that night. It had apparently been quite the show for everyone to see my shocked face. My sister still to this day calls me the straightest girl she knows. I try not to be insulted, but i wish i had reacted differently in that situation. But you can't change how you are and who you love!

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  1. I think we ALL have that thought once and a while!