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Sunday, August 22, 2010

What do you find most attractive in a man emotionally? physically?

ooo i like this question. hehe let's talk MEN girls!!! ;)

Ok let's start with the physical...
Men with ARMS kill me! Those strong arm muscles that can hold you just melt my heart. Especially when there are tattoos involved! But i think that goes without saying!! hhehe

The second physical trait on my list is EYES. I love when you can look into a guy's eyes and see his sensitivity, even though he may look tough and unphased on the outside. Love love love that! Feels like you can see his secret...

Ok, so emotional “hotness” — i find that's when a guy can talk about his feelings. When he can be honest. When he can entice ME to talk about MY emotions (which we all know is tough for me). When he can help ME deal with emotions by talking it out instead of shutting down and/or walking away.
I'm trying my best to be a good communicator in all my current relationships (with my guy, my girls & my work) because it's the key to ANY successful relationship. But it's hard. And for me, if i'm around people who ask questions and invite me to talk, i will be a better person.
What do you guys find physically and emotionally attractive? In men or women! I'd like to know! I'll be reading your comments below!
— Roxy xo

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