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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Good Girl

Some people just attract others. Whether it's animal instinct or charm... my coworker/friend has that je-ne-sais-quoi that draws people in from afar. She's pretty new to the dating world, considering she's been in serious relationships her whole adult life. But, let me tell you, she's wasting no time and now handling men with a finesse that we should all admire!

We'll call her The Good Girl (you'll understand why later in the story). You might actually remember her, I told the story of her first random dating experience a few months ago, and trust me, this one is just as spontaneous ;)

So, the story starts with her having cell phone issues, don't we all? So freaking frustrating. So she gets stuck at the Bell Store downtown for 2 and a half hours dealing with Bell Customer Service. Luckily for her, a cute salesmen was helping her deal with the Service Centre and they got to chat for 2 hours while she was waiting. He was cute and funny and she was attracted instantly. Nevertheless, her cell phone issues got fixed and the cute salesman very politely said that he had a nice time talking with her and that he hopes they bump into each other again. They had a few fave hot spots in common, so the potential to “bump into each other” was there.

However, before she even gets into the Metro system later that day, he texts her phone!
“ Hey Beautiful, it's Mike from Bell, i'm totally not supposed to do this, but i can't stop thinking about you … would you like to go out for drinks sometime this week?”
Totally NOT something a salesperson of a phone company is supposed to do! Total invasion of her privacy. But, sigh, so romantic! He totally risked getting fired. But he said that she was worth the risk and he couldn't help himself!! Luckily, she was receptive, and the lovestruck guy didn't lost his job!

So the romance flourished from there. They texted on and off all week , she got the scoop from his Facebook profile (soooo effective, you really need to try it!), they found out they have a friend in common, and planned their next rendezvous ;)
Friday night. Drinks at Santos. P.S. Love that place for drink dates. Great choice Ms ;)
They hit it off, things went great. They met at 9:30, left at 2:30am… without a moment of awkwardness! She was dying to kiss him but worried it was too soon. Next time just go for it girl ;) Guys like a woman who takes charge! Don't give too much away, but let him know you're interested!

So, they've been sexting all week, and meeting #2 is pending. Sexting = Flirting over text message for those who don't know. And if you DON'T know how to do it, LEARN, quick. Times are changing, and this is now the #1 way to flirt with ur possible potentials ;) In their flirting, he mentioned that he wants a “good girl”, but those don't exist. But my confident friend has assured him that they do exist and she's one of the good ones ;) You go girl!

There's lots of potential there... and i cant wait to hear about how date #2 goes down! BTW, i saw his picture on FB, and MAN is hot. Let us know how it goes Good Girl ;)

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