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Thursday, September 30, 2010

NYC baby!

I'm off to NYCNOT for a wedding, NOT for a bachelorette, NOT for a baby shower, NOT for an engagement party OR EVEN to celebrate someone's wedding anniversary...
We're 5 girls and we're going to NYC to celebrate my great friend S's 30th birthday!!
GO CRAZY OH BABY! We're celebrating how AWESOME it is to turn 30 and be successful without husbands or babies!! 
Reservations at a boutique hotel, road trip with our own car, drinks on hand, high heels, cute dresses, and reservations at NYC's hottest spots! Maybe we'll even party with the Downtown Girls while we're there! SO EXCITING! I think I need this weekend more than S does ;)

P.S I will be TRYING to take a “mini-vacation” from my phone, so we'll see how that goes ;) but there might be surprise updates as we go!! 

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