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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Roxy's “solo” once again...

So folks... as most of you have been anticipating from my status updates and tweets... Tiger and I have officially split. It's sad. I'm sad. But, i'll be ok.

Nothing dramatic to talk about really. We were good together... until we weren't anymore. It was mutual, so there's no hard feelings... but it still sucks to have someone confirm that they don't want to be with you. He's got hurt in the past, and so have I (as you all know!) ... so i think that alone prevented us from opening up to one another. And also, i guess we just weren't meant to be!

It's just hard... how do you go from one relationship to the next... open up and just keep getting hurt...? No wonder us girls become so independent and self-reliant. We surround ourselves with the best girlfriends in the world so that you always have a soft, comforting, great-smelling cushion to fall back on ;) (yes chicas, you're my sexy cushions!)

I guess... one day, with the right guy, “love” WON'T bite you in the ass. But, so far, I've never made it that far... I have a few scars, and they will continue to heal as i move on.

Dating again will happen, just not sure with whom! It's so easy to get wrapped up in a new relationship, and be a hermit with the cold weather. I think i'll focus on seeing my friends and family and not worry about the whole dating thing right now.

Spring's will be on it's way soon anyway, right?! ;)
Stay tuned girls, sounds like 2010 will be a whole new chapter for Roxy! xo


  1. Roxy, sorry to hear about u & Tiger :(
    I have a lot of respect for women who can make decisions in their lives that focus on what's important for their own well-being & it sounds like that's what u did...
    Did u have some guidance from anyone to help u with the tough decision or did the wisdom/strength come from within?

  2. thx ;) I guess it's always good to get guidance from your friends (like i did), but in the end it's always your decision alone. There's no one else is in the relationship but you&him. You got to follow your heart :)