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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm thinking of writing a book

So i'm thinking of writing a book... AS IF i have time, i know!
But it would be so much fun! It's just soooo funny when i get together with a good friend, grab a glass of wine, and we recap all the funny dates/exes i've had over the years: who can forget The Married Guy, The Naked Guy, The Australian! (that could be a whole book in itself, i've been holding out on you guys, i know!), The Guy who's girlfriend walked in on our date!!, The Car Guy!! I mean there's too many! I don't know if they'd fill up a whole book, but think of all the lessons I can talk about that I've learnt from each of those losers!!! I could go on forever! HAHA

Right now i'm so happy in my new found relationship, that you would think it would be soooo easy for me to forget all the craziness going on in the dating world. But OH NO CHICAS! i haven't forgotten the pool of men that are out there... in fact that “reality” reminds me everyday to work harder at the relationship i'm in so that i will hopefully never be thrown back into that “pool” LMAO. Let's cross our fingers on that one ;)

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